Treatment goals

Our goal is not to cure your. We want to teach you.

We think that you already know why you and your child need normal speech. Stuttering very often causes fear of being laughed at. We do not want to beautify reality, cause it really happens. A person unintentionally becomes ostracized from society, becomes a “black sheep”, withdraws into itself! And nowadays, communication is a prerequisite for any success.

What will we learn?

We will break fears. Forget about clumsiness. Overcome indecision.

We will gradually acquire communication skill you may have already forgotten. We will test ourselves in ordinary life situations. We will organize dialogues, improvise, We will not only speak, but do it emotionally, expressively and which most important – correctly.

Our methods are not medicinal, but psychological. They are more like a game, fun and serious at the same time, which you will wish to play over and over.

Just remember one thing – the things we will do within the group, you can and have to repeat in everyday life, because life is essentially filled with such situations, uncomfortable moments, unusual circumstances.

In everyday life you always have to talk – and if you already have to, do it with pleasure!