School of those who conquer stuttering

Persons with stuttering problem are usually wrong when they think this problem forever ruined their chances to work in public or on any job which requires public speaking (presenters, actors, professors, etc). It is often said that the fear of public speaking people with stutter experience is stronger than the fear of death.

Many famous people who overcame stuttering problem prove this wrong, as well as our former students who now successfully appear in TV shows, teach in faculties and go to castings.

You would probably be very surprised to hear that the favourite of millions – Bruce Willis, had a very serous stuttering problem in his childhood. And he’s not the only one! British prime minister Winston Churchill, actors Marilyn Monroe, Emily Blunt, James Earl Jones, great scientist Isaac Newton, famous writer Lewis Carroll, ancient Greek philosopher and orator Demosthenes… All these people have something in common: they’ve managed to conquer this “unpleasant habit” and achieve great.

It should be your goal too –lose the stutter at all costs!

Let me tell you that you don’t immediately join the School for overcoming stuttering. First you must go through the entire exercise programme. When your speech becomes fluent and nice, then it is time to repeat the “lessons learned”.

In our school, former students become teachers for the new students. Who can show better understanding than those who have already gone all the way from the hesitation and clumsy speech to communication without obstacles? You can keep track of other people progress and use it to improve your skill.

There is nothing more natural then communicating with other people.

Meet our winners:


Milos Eric - Klinika VorobjevMiloš speaks about his experiences with stutter before and after the treatment. About how he gradually lost the restraints and how he enjoys communication today. How stuttering caused problems at its workplace and how overcoming stuttering changed his life. Watch the video about experiences Miloš had with stutter treatment.



Todor speaks about his experience with stuttering problem in school, before the teacher, when speaking in front of class, about period of practice and its persistence to overcome stuttering. Watch a video of Todor’s testimony about stuttering problems in school.



Biljana speaks about her desire to overcome stuttering and motivation for practicing, about proper breathing and gives some general advice to people having a problem with stutter, about things to focus on and things to ignore. Listen Biljana’s advice to people with stuttering problem.



Everyone saw that Nevena’s speech improved, except for herself, until she went to a casting and did well. That gave her even bigger desire to practice xercise and overcome stuttering. Watch Nevana’s experiences with overcoming stuttering.




Sunčica always finds time to practice. She is persistent and motivated. Watch here do Dr Vorobiev’s exercises in this video.




Sekula speaks about necessity of exercises, how much easier school and conversation is for him now, but also about the importance of self-esteem. Watch his video about stuttering.




Živorad gives advice those who stopped practicing because of lack of strength and motivation. What motivates him to practice non-stop, see in the video about his experiences with stuttering.




Lazar is one of participants of the school of those who conquer stuttering, who came back to us a few years after he perfected his speech. His stutter was severe after first therapy, but now he came back to overcome slight stuttering problem which appeared in the last two years. Watch his story about experiences with slight stuttering problem.



Jovan is determined to overcome stuttering and promises to improve his speech. Watch his experience with stuttering.




Watch how to correct stuttering during speech and conversation, on Andrija’s example.




telop Damjan advises everyone with stuttering problem to try, because after only three days of practicing with Dr Vorobiev they will see their stutter slightly disappearing. Persistent practicing is very important.




telopMajda is one of the most successful participants of the school for overcoming stuttering. You couldn’t even guess that she had any speech problem from this interview. Listen to her experiences with stutter treatment in the Dr Vorobiev clinic and life without stuttering.