Dr Vorobiev clinic is special. We choose the right approach for each one of you – easy, but persistently. Our exercises are more like a friendly chat in good company, than doctor’s appointment. Lose the stutter!


What causes stuttering?

There are a number of answers to this question. It can be caused by hereditary factor, as well as the environment: psychological trauma, fears, excitement. This is why the approach to treatment of each case must be individual.

Is there a cure for stuttering?

There are no specific products. There are drugs and some similar products which reduce stuttering by 30%. However, they are not used in treatment because of some serious side-effects.

Can stuttering be cured by non-traditional medicines?

Non-traditional medicine can help, but can also hinder treatment. We wouldn’t advise using services of various “mediums” and “psychics”. Also, you shouldn’t use any old wives’ recipes.

How long it takes to lose stutter?

Success lies in your desire and perseverance. Special psychological training developed by professionals makes overcoming the problem possible, but one session is not enough. Usually it takes a few months to lose the stutter, and then the result achieved has to be maintained.


Contact us or apply for free consultation and presentation. Visit us and meet doctor Vasily and some of our more experienced students from the school for overcoming stuttering. Introduce yourself to the programme and share your experiences with people that understand you.
Participate in free three days of group exercise and then decide if you want to continue with the therapy. First cycle (10 days of group therapy and 6 months of individual therapy) with regular exercising leads to speech improvement of 90%. Afterwards you can go through two more cycles absolutely free of charge if you are looking to regain confidence and lose the stutter once and for all.
Although the treatment course is completed, you can ask Dr Vasily for help and join the therapy at any time during your life (in you are under unexpected stress which causes worsening of your speech).