Dr Vorobiev’s Method

Unlike usual therapies, Dr Vorobiev’s method is not focused on centre for speech, but instead focuses on all levels which could affect speech apparatus: from cerebral cortex to diaphragm. Inter alia, the method includes complex breathing exercises, diaphragm exercises and psychological training. Even in case of the most severe stutter improvement can be observed as soon as from the fourth or fifth day. A speech without effort, improved self-esteem, good mood and optimism will also occur. Ten days of group exercises are followed by six months of individual exercises learned during therapy.

What are the exercises like?

First of all, they are performed in worm and comfortable environment. We are not a hospital, but more like a “group with common interests”! Consider yourself a member of a secret or similar kind of society. 😉

Secondly, atmosphere during the exercises is the one of mutual understanding. Everyone will listen to you, although it is a hard to express yourself at the beginning. Everyone will get attention. Exercises are performed in small groups, so that you and your child can communicate, follow your friend’s success and gradually improve yourself.

Thirdly, exercises will take place in stages. First we will all learn to overcome so-called “hyperactivity” of nervous system, which is the main reason behind speech spasms. When everyone has obtained this simple skill – we will move forward to public appearance and communication with strangers. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? But it’s also fun!

Last phase is the School of winners, which gathers those whose speech practically is no different than the speech of other people. One day you will also be a member of this company. As one might say, this is a “senior group”.


Contact us or apply for free consultation and presentation. Visit us and meet doctor Vasily and some of our more experienced students from the school for overcoming stuttering. Introduce yourself to the programme and share your experiences with people that understand you.
Participate in free three days of group exercise and then decide if you want to continue with the therapy. First cycle (10 days of group therapy and 6 months of individual therapy) with regular exercising leads to speech improvement of 90%. Afterwards you can go through two more cycles absolutely free of charge if you are looking to regain confidence and lose the stutter once and for all.
Although the treatment course is completed, you can ask Dr Vasily for help and join the therapy at any time during your life (in you are under unexpected stress which causes worsening of your speech).

What should you always keep in mind?

You will not be bored, but the road you must travel could seem hard. The most important thing is to arm yourself with patients and don’t give up halfway.

Examples of how fear from communication with strangers can be conquered are shown in two videos recorded in summer 2014 in Knez Mihailova street. Participants of our school gave away flowers and talked to passers-by.

Practice in Knez Mihailova street