After chatting with us, people will not believe you have ever had difficulty in speaking!

How many times did you get out of the society because of problems with speech and give up talking with strangers because you are afraid that their reaction might resemble the one you used to get in the childhood?

How many times have you imagined that after completing the therapy that guarantees success, you really go home and tell your loved ones how you feel now that all your difficulties are just past?

What would you say if we promised you that after six months of talking, joking and singing with us, you will improve your speech for incredible 90%?

Probably your assurances of any doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists who have analyzed your problem, made different diagnoses and offered dissolution, after which success did not follow. And why should you believe in us?

Because we’re one of you.

The founder of our method, Dr. Vasiliy Vorobiev, suffered from the stinging problem of childhood. Having tried all known methods, he found success in working with psychologists – who cured him! Teached by good experience, he wanted to help all of you to overcome your difficulties through a non-medical, but a psychological method that resembles a game.

There is no difference between us and the doctor, and we do not meet in the hospital!

Everybody is talking stories together, reciting lyrics, jokes and singing.

No one sees us on the clock because he enjoys every session!

What does the treatment look like?

  • After free consultation and presentation, our three-phase journey begins;
  • Guess what? And the first three days of group exercises will not be charged to you, so you can freely come and make sure that we do not speak for you that you will hardly wait for each next meeting
  • When you finish the first cycle of 8 days group and 6 months of individual therapy – you will already progress for even 90 percent
  • And guess what else? After the first cycle, you have the opportunity to repeat everything twice completely for free!
  • After you achieve your desired success, Dr Vorobiev always stands at your disposal for additional questions and advice

You probably did not know that many celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Willis, Winston Churchill, or Isaac Newton, managed to overcome the stutter they marked their childhood!

It is our great honor to praise hundreds of people who have shown confidence in our method of treatment and who can also speak of stuttering today as an anecdote of childhood.

You are here because you want to join this successful team, right?

Then contact us Today, and secure yourself a place in the next term. Because of the great interest, it is necessary to register as soon as possible.

After all, you would not want to miss the opportunity to get to know us at the first sessions that are free, right?

We are waiting for you to chat!