About us

dr_vorobjevI would like to start with a few words about myself, because I consider it important. My name is Vasily Vorobiev and I am a doctor. I struggled stuttering for many years, from my earliest childhood.

I was treated, worked with different doctors and psychologists. You could say that I was a guinea pig. There are not many medical studies about the problem you and I have, since it is too specific for each person and until now no one came with universal method.

But I overcame the stutter. I worked on it alone, but also with a help of psychological achievements. They worked with me, and I worked on myself, and as a result the stutter disappeared. Now, as a man who speaks normally, I would like to help you.

We are special people, and our problem is not a disease. It is just an unpleasant habit.

Yes, I know what other doctors, psychotherapists and speech therapists will say about this. You probably heard those ear-tearing diagnoses more than a few times:  “speech neurosis”, “speech disorder”.

Sound like a judgment. But actually it is not.

Some doctors consider that, since the cause of stutter is located somewhere in the nervous system, in the Broca’s area itself, that it should be treated with medicines, physiotherapy, which is all, in their opinion, supposed to cure you and your child.

I agree that speech of a calm man is fluent, nice and expressive. The stutter disappears. But what until then? Constantly be on anti-anxiety medications? God forbid!

Our clinic is not like any other.

Imagine your stutter as a door behind which you stand alone. You can try to kick it in, push it, call for help unsuccessfully. But what no one understands is that your problem just won’t let you grab the handle and leave.

Our goal is to help you find this closed door, to which thousands of words you have never spoken are knocking. We need to choose the right key, oil the rusty hinges, remove the dust from the handle, open the door and be free.

How will we do it? Together.

Yes, we don’t use terms such as “doctor” and “patient”. No one will poke you with needles. We’ll talk, laugh, sing, tell stories, read and recite – just as “regular” people do. You won’t even notice that first practice session has passed.

And then you will catch yourself thinking: “Hey! I just talked fluently and didn’t stutter at all”.

We will help you, because we know how. People with stuttering problems from abroad: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Israel and USA, are regular participants of our programme.  There are no borders when we’re trying to lose speech limitations.

Dr Vorobjev klinika Beograd